OCS Off-Line-system cooler


Deep hole drilling use OCS (Off-line Oil cooler) Cooler.
Compared with the compression oil cooler, as long as 1/3 of the electricity consumption, the energy-saving effect is immediately visible.

Customer industry: center hole type gun drill processing machine - four-spindle gun drill processing machine

Cooling selection: OCS active constant temperature oil cooler/OCS-3T

Customer's actual use conditions:

Four-spindle gun-drilling machine, with a calorific value of about 9000Kcal/hr, 800L fuel tank equipment, and an air-cooled cooling machine equipped with an active constant temperature oil cooler OCS-3T, and the ambient temperature is about 25°C.

The return oil temperature is 40°C, and the constant temperature of the fuel tank is controlled at 30°C.

Compared with the use of compressed oil coolers, the cooling system of the gun drilling deep hole processing machine saves a full 66% of electricity, and only needs 1/3 of the electricity consumption!

The actual measured temperature is shown below:

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