Plate-Fin Oil Air Heat Exchanger

Plate-Fin Oil-Air Heat Exchangers/air cooler manufacturer
AH-series are original cooler series of COOLBIT,
We had been insisted on the quality for 18 years
ECO Heat-Exchanger
Material : Aluminum Alloy
Thematerial and the grade are same as the European Brand
The fans and the motors of COOLBIT, are beyond the normal industrial standard,because the coolers would be working in high-temperature eviorment.
Class H insulation consists of materials, Maximum hot spot temperature allowed, 180 °C
Coil number of turns are 15% more than standard, could work on 50 Hz.
Small size motors Equipped with power-off system, to prevent the fire from happening.
DC motors, Ingress Protection Rating IP68, Life time 20,000 hours.(Optional)

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