BAC-2021│Business (Commercial) Air Cleaner

Large range air dust collector
Strengthen filtration and purification for different pollutants! (EX. Dust, oil mist, vapor, volatile gas, peculiar smell, etc.)
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BAC-2021│Business (Commercial) Air Cleaner


Specification / Model
BAC-2021│Business Air Cleaner
50 W
407 x 710 x 1480 mm


  • 4 advantages of purification function:
  • 1. Large air volume, rapid purification of air pollution
  • 2. Exclusive negative dimension nickel metal filter
  • 3. High ventilation, not easy to block, filter loss is lower than other brand filters
  • 4. The advantages of large circulation make the purification and filtration range larger
  • Maintain air circulation and reduce the risk of clustering, resulting in poor air circulation
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