Freezer with OCS, good cooling effect and energy saving


The oil pressure temperature is a very important factor affecting the accuracy of the grinding machine.

Temperature control of grinding machines is important and an essential element known to all mechanics.

Compared with high-horsepower and large-scale hydraulic systems, a lot of heat energy will be generated during the manufacturing process, accompanied by increasing oil pressure temperature.
If the oil pressure temperature is not reduced, the accuracy will be inaccurate and the output value will be reduced; this is also the reason why the machinery factory should reduce the oil pressure temperature.

Take the use case of Hone Right Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Gantry Grinder as a reference:

Use case of freezer with COOLBIT OCS-15T; it can effectively reduce the dependence of freezing tons

Hone Right uses the "COOLBIT OCS Active Constant Temperature Oil Cooler" as the heat dissipation plan. According to COOLBIT's professional planning suggestion, the mechanical specification of the gantry grinder that originally needed to use a 20-ton freezer to solve the heat dissipation problem, only needs to use a 10-ton freezer with OCS-15T can achieve the same or better temperature control effect.

The cooling design of the refrigerator and OCS equipment has been proved after use:

It can indeed achieve a good cooling target.
In addition, the reduction in electricity demand not only saves energy, but also effectively controls costs and greatly increases customer output.

Reasons for choosing with OCS equipment:

1. Temperature control requirements

In this way, a smaller tonnage refrigerator can be selected, which mainly makes the temperature control pay a relatively small price.

2. Machinery factory allows customers to achieve better output value

Just like the case of Yasheng Machinery, under our suggestion, using OCS with 10 tons is enough to reduce the oil pressure temperature to the ideal target, and the lowering of the temperature will result in less electricity bills and increase customer output value.

3. Proper control of oil pressure and temperature can increase the precision of the grinder, reduce costs and add value.

In conclusion:

During the process of mechanical operation, it will be accompanied by an increase in temperature.

The gradually rising temperature will cause thermal deformation or other physical property changes due to the unbalanced temperature of the structure, which will affect the profitability and quality of the work.

The cooling balance concept of OCS is:

When the temperature of the mechanical body and the hydraulic oil begins to rise with the working time, the COOLBIT OCS equipment starts to exert its cooling effect, suppresses the temperature, narrows the temperature gap between the hydraulic oil, the mechanical body and the room temperature, and maintains a constant temperature operation.

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